Exposed: Whatsapp chat between one mr biola and a spiritualist, see what am about to show you

Many people regularly seek answers from many places. Popular places people seek answers have always been the religious centres. Other not so popular places but have proven to be very effective and direct are the spiritual homes or temples. These are sacred places anointed by the spirit of our ancestors to give answers to seekers.

In recent findings it has been discovered that most of the spiritual homes are fake and wield no real power to support their claims. These challenges have made many people skeptical whenever they hear spiritual homes. But before you judge all of them as bad, listen to what am about to show you and how you can find a real one.

A true spiritualist is connected to your needs. He doesn’t ask too many questions but understand what he needs to do to solve your problems. He’s not too concerned about money as he allows you purchase your spiritual items by yourself. He will not charge you fees until your work is done. And finally he always in touch with you through your spiritual exercises and journey.

Example of a true a spiritualist is Doctor Kenneth Alaba. He is a true example of what a clairvoyant should be. He doesn’t sing praises or tell stories of works. He allows you to tell his stories. The end result of his job is what silence all critics, he says. A tipical example of what you expect when you contact Dr Kenneth is found in the screenshots below

These are how people show gratitude to his works every day. And If you are serious about looking for answers or seeking divine guidance to life and success, look no further. Contact doctor Kenneth today and book an appointment with him. You will not regret it.

5 thoughts on “Exposed: Whatsapp chat between one mr biola and a spiritualist, see what am about to show you

  1. Ifayemi Okedeji Reply

    Alright. We all know this is a planned chat and the screenshots are clear evidence. I never criticize Dr Kenneth, he’s a real spititualist but this kind of advert is not acceptable for this profession.
    Spirituality should remain spiritual! Hope you all understand this?

  2. Jagaban Reply

    U people are all crazy spiritualism are kept
    CODED it is very important for people like us to be in dis situation just live everything for god it shall be well for all of us
    In Jesus name Amen

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