How 11 Year Old Boy Safe A Lifeless Girl Buried Alife At Beach

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The beach has long been associated with holidays, relaxation, fun and peacefulness.

Families will plan months in advance to spend time in the beach with friends, neighbors and family members. Thinking about the beach evokes all sought if memories and images of multi colored umbrellas lined up, people splashing in waves and kids making sand castles or burying themselves in the sand.

This story is about one young boy who was enjoying a day at the beach with his friends when he made a shocking discovery. What the boy found and what he did after the development made all the difference in the world for another young child. It was another ordinary day in the Marina Dunes Beach in California. Families were walking along the water and many of the kids were enjoying the sun and sand.

For 11-year old conner Gerald, which was playing with his friends in the sand, it was a day for fun and for exploration. He and his friend started by building a sand castle then systematically destroying it in a friendly battle. For all of these boys, it was a day full of imagination and Bonding.

Later that morning, the boys moved on to digging holes in the sand further down in Shore line. The challenge was to see who digged the deepest pit with their hands and plastic shovel. The boys all engaged in the contest, with each one trying to out do the other and dig the deepest hole possible.

Conner worked on digging out his trying to be the winner of the contest. And as he ran his hand through the grains of sand, digging deeper and deeper. His right hand suddenly hit something, intrigued conner began digging in that area until he realized that what he had found under the sand was a bag of some kind.

The boy dug enough around the bag to pull it up but what corner didn’t expect was that the bag was still attached to its owner. Shocked, corner dug back more sand to find a little girl buried underneath the sand.

He immediately looked around for any adults to ask for help but no grown up were near by. And instead of panicking, conner realized there was no time to waste. He began to dig more of the sand until he cleared the sand Around the girl and he carefully dragged her body out of the hole. The young girl was seemingly lifeless, she was unconscious and sand covered her entire face including her nose and mouth. Conner knew this was a situation that required quick action. He was the only one around to help save the girl, it only took a few seconds for corner to spring into action. He remembered an episode of NCIS, a television show where a character performances CPR on another character. The young girl wasn’t breathing so corner started a CPR procedure on her.

He began chest compression, followed by tilting her head back, lifting her chin and blowing two breath into her mouth. And as he continued the CPR cycle, a couple walking down the beach towards him broke into a run. It was the young girl’s parents, they were looking for their daughter. So they saw her lying on a beach, with a young boy performing CPR on her. The couple called 911 for help.

Their daughter was 5-year old Alisa buston, she had been standing near a sand cave that suddenly collapsed. And dragged her under the sand and was stuck for minutes. With the weigh pushing her down, within moments Alisa wasn’t able to move, then she stopped breathing. Alisa’s life was literally in the hands of an 11-year old boy, who accidentally found her a shirt while after she had fallen under the sand. Everything depended on conner in those few moments, the paramedics would not be able to get there in time.

Conner was unfazed a situation that would have most adults panicking in such a situation. He continued to perform CPR on Alisa without giving up hope, he remained focused and not listening to the adults and children who had gathered around. Some people were holding each other and crying, then Alisa coughed and Gasped. She was alive, Conner stopped giving her CPR and the paramedics arived.

They raced down to the little girl to access her condition and then rushed her to the hospital. For the rest of the day, Conner sat at home waiting for the news on Alisa’s condition. Thankfully that night, they received a word that Alisa was going to make a full recovery with no lasting damage. When she woke up, her first words were, “I feel good.” With quick thinking, Conner had saved that girl’s life.

Conner’s father was proud of his son and said, “I am glad that he was able to sit back and go, wait a minute something’s going on, there’s not a parent here, I know there’re at least a quarter mile away, I need to do something.” Conner could have let the emotion of the situation affect him but his calm domineer and intense focus as well as his idea of CPR allowed him to save Alisa’s life. If Conner is the next generation, then we are in good hands.

So what do you think about Conner’s action and what is your advice to parents who allow their children to watch movies that are not benefitting? Please comment so I can know what you think and I will surely reply back. Don’t forget to follow me, like and share. Thanks.

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