I can’t go a day without sleeping with 20 different men – Beautiful Lady Seek Advice

A young lady on Facebook is seeking for publics opinion and advice on how she is going to stop sleeping with 10 different men in a day.

This is what the young girl posted on his Facebook page;

“Please I need urgent help and Advices from people on how I am going to stop this sinful behavior of not skipping a day without sleeping with more than 20 different men. I am an undergraduate student of uniport, I am twenty years old. Although, I am getting paid after sleeping with these men but right now I want to stop, this act is killing me inside. Please people help me out”

This is serious, I think the girl is under a spell or maybe she is being manipulated by evil spirit. How can a young girl of twenty years can’t go a day without sleeping with 20 different men?

Please, let’s contribute and give the Young girl some reasonable advice on how she is going to stop this act.
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3 thoughts on “I can’t go a day without sleeping with 20 different men – Beautiful Lady Seek Advice

  1. Hilda Reply

    Accept Jesus as ur Lord and personal saviour, confess ur sin to him, ask him to forgive u, he’s the only one that can break this yoke of sin from u. If any man be in Christ, old things has passed away and behold all things has became new.

  2. Simon Reply

    With time will get back to normal automatically.. no need of spiritual advice or what.

  3. Evangelist Etuk Elijah. Reply

    Greetings to you my dearly beloved. I know just how you feel in such an entanglement. This entanglement is nothing but sin & evil before God your sole creator. Jesus loves you more than you can ever imagine but hates the sin in you. My sister the only way out of this mess, shame & reproach that satan has given to is to surrender your life completely to Jesus as your personal Lord & Saviour. He knows you better than you know yourself & wants just the very best for you. He’s not please with you because of this life of immortality than you are living. Sin as Satan presence it looks sweet but very dangerous. Satan only offers you a temporary pleasure for 5mins which only leads you deeper into destruction. Sin only destroys you spiritual, mentally, emotionally, psychologically & bodily. The earlier you make a u-turn to your creator, the better for you, thanks. What shall if profit you if you gain the whole world & the things that are in it such as men, money, fame, power, popularity etc & lose your soul to the devil? It’s terrible my dear. Let no one deceive you, Jesus is the only last bus stop if you truly are tired of this dirty lifestyle & want to enjoy what true life & peace is all about. John 14:27.

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