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My Husband Divorced me just because i told him to allow me sleep with his friend

A Nigerian woman Identified as Linda, has landed in trouble in Lagos after she passionately pleaded with her husband, Okey, to allow her to sleep with his friend in order to get pregnant after over 8 years of marriage without a child.

According to reports, the incident happened at Agodo Egbe, Ikotun area of Lagos, where they reside.

The request has put Linda in serious trouble as the husband ordered her out of their matrimonial home for daring to make such demand.


“I am now living with my relations at Ikorodu area of Lagos, I have been sending emissaries to my husband begging for forgiveness over the demand but he refused.“My Husband Okey, is an international businessman, who deals on different wares which he imports for distribution. He also have many choice properties both in Lagos and southeast but the major challenge had been inability to bear a child.

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“We got married several years ago after our traditional marriage and wedding but since then, we have been childless. we have had both medical and spiritual solutions yet i was not able to get pregnant. The doctors said that my her husband had low sperm count and he was treated to no avail.“I became worried about what will become my fate if i had no child. my husband said he was tired of taking any drugs and then concentrated on traveling from one country to another for business transactions.

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“we got married and have been having the issue but my husband did not buy the idea of adopting a baby. I told him as a way of finding a solution to our problem, that i can sleep with his friend and he would not know he impregnated me during the romp.

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“But my husband suspected that for me to have suggested his friend, it means i have been sleeping with his friend and merely wanted his consent to normalize our illicit affair and then decided to send me away.“My husband had sent me away over my request as i needed a child to consolidate on my marriage.

“I decided to seek my husband’s permission because i knew if i do such without his consent, he would still know but it has now put my marriage in jeopardy.

The husband could not be reached as he was said to have traveled out of Lagos.

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