"My wife saved my number with; my goat" husband says.
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“My wife saved my number with; my goat” husband says.

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I have never bothered to check my wife’s phone since we got married because I don’t want to get jealous or angry. She doesn’t touch my phone either, and it has saved us a lot of quarrels. I have not for once doubted my wife’s love for me, I give her everything and make sure she is comfortable.

Oneday as I went through the contacts on my phone(I do this often when i’m bored), I suddenly started wondering how my number was saved in her phone. I remember, when we were dating she used to save different men’s numbers with funny things like: animal, mumu, my mugu. I did not for once expect to see what I saw because her number is saved in my phone as “my soulmate”.

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I feel heartbroken and used to see my number saved in my wife’s phone as “my goat”. I don’t even know how to think or what to do.

There you have it guys, what do you think he should do?


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