Reality star Gifty comes for musicians who live with loads of boys in their house

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Gifty Powers, a former contestant on the popular reality TV show Big Brother Naija isn’t supporting the trend of musicians living in the same house with their crew.

Since former BBNaija housemate, Gifty Powers, welcomed the birth of her daughter, Alisha, just over a year ago, she had been swimming in murky waters of controversy.

She expressed her disdain for the lifestyle choice on social media lamenting that “for a whole country to live with you in the same house is ugly abeg”.

The model and mother of one decried the lack of privacy this brings about writing that;

“No privacy. No bedroom talks.No sex in the kitchen or garage or toilet or laundry room… ahn ahn kilode naa”

Gifty Powers went further to state that these boys are the first to run for cover whenever there’s an attack so inherently, they serve no use.

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