See photos of University graduate sleeping by the roadside – See what happened to her

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No one in this universe of ours is beyond this life ‘s laws. And those laws are based on how we are viewed in life. Just as most of us would wish any kind of stuff in this universe would stop happening, we don’t really have the power to stop them. Yet it pays if you do other people well, because this is the only thing you can do in this country.

This is very touching as the lady was also a graduate herself.

According to sources, after she got into an altercation with him, the lady was thrown out of her boyfriend’s home, but this wasn’t the beginning of her problems. She then turned to her sister for help, but she was sent away because her sister declined to help her.

Looking at this lady with her fluent and we’ll spoken English indicates that she is a graduate. People passing by thought she had mental disorder or was probably on alcohol or drugs.

It’s quite really bad to see a graduate after school without a job. That’s frustrating.

See more pictures of the lady below:

This advice is goes to all the Nigeria graduates who are still looking for government to give them a job. Don’t waste your time looking for a job. Start a business of your own. Become an entrepreneur, definitely you will come successful.

Let’s stop this mentality of going to get a good job. Start your own business.

Thank you.

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