Twerking Nursing Students Gladly Accept Don Ndambo’ Offer

Twerking Nursing Students Gladly Accept Don Ndambo’ Offer


In an early morning interview with the student nurses who were once dismissed for twerking , the students indicated that they prefer to go with Mr Ndambo’s offer as it gives them a brighter career path than going back to Chavuma.

The ladies also expressed gratitude to the Health Minister, Sylvia Masebo who revisited their case, the ladies also thanked Southern Classic Media and Daily Mail for covering the case during the time which, this contributed to the minister to be reminded of the case and revisited.

The ladies have been in direct contact with Southern Classic Media for updates, however, they are not sure on how to get in touch with My Home Town Team and Mr Ndambo so that they express there happiness, gratitude and accept the life changing opportunity.

Martina, one of the four students confirmed that they have not yet gone back to school. However, they were called and they are due to go back this July. -Southern Classic Media

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