Video: Look At What These Boys Were Seen Doing To A Girl After She Got Drugged


Video: Look At What These Boys Were Seen Doing To A Girl After She Got Drugged

Girls need to be cautious about who they hang out with these days because there are a lot of bad people out there.

The girl in this video has had people talking after a video of her went viral in which she was high on drugs and felt unconscious surfaced online.

A group of boys were with her and were discussing the medication she had taken that caused her to behave like that.

The worst part of this video was that these boys were touching the girl in an acceptable manner simply because she was no longer aware of herself or her surroundings.

Nobody knows if the boys drugged her and made her behave like that or if she purposefully took the hard drugs and got wasted, but they were heard saying in the video that they just gave her “two puffs.” 

This is why it’s a bad idea for a lady to start walking with some guy she sees. These boys in the video were taking advantage of her in the name of returning her to normalcy. They were putting their hands inside her clothes, which is wrong and constitutes an assault. If the girl had known, she would not have been with those boys in the first place. People just ought to say no to drugs as the after effect is typically negative.

The girl in that video was not aware of anything going on, which leaves her vulnerable to danger because no one knows what those boys would do to her behind the cameras. When she gets back to her normal self and see what the boys have done to her, she will become really sad and may even get depressed. Her family and friends would be embarrassed to see her in such a state.

Let us all learn to say no to hard drugs. It is not worth it because it will just put you in risk. Aside from the fact that it can harm your health or cause you to do incredible things, hard drugs can land you in prison for the rest of your life.

Look at people’s reactions to the video. 

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