Video reveals the kind of job Actress Nkechi Blessing is doing in America

Nkechi Blessing Sunday, a popular Nollywood actress, producer, director, social media influencer, and brand ambassador, has disclosed the nature of her job in America.

Nkechi Blessing is said to be in America right now. According to reports, the actress went to America to kill time.

Nkechi, on the other hand, stated that she went to America for employment and then returned to Nigeria to squander the money she earned.

Despite the fact that she is a Nigerian actor, Nkechi claims that she does not rely only on her acting career in order to live a decent life.

In her own words:

“Some people think I came here for a vacation. Ogbeni na work ideas I come do for here, America is home, Na Nigeria, be my vacation where I want to spend the dollar i make from here.

Watch the video below;

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