Video Shows A Lorry-load Of Cows Being Burnt By Youths In Akwa, After It Crushed 8 Hawkers

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Video shows a Lorry-load of Cows being burnt by youths in Akwa, after it crushed 8 hawkers

According to news sources, around 2pm on Friday afternoon, a Lorry that was transporting Cows suddenly lost its brake while descending the Kwata junction slope, in Awka, Anambra State, causing a serious accident.

The Lorry lost control,while descending the slope, and crashed into several Cars and People. It crushed 8 Hawkers to death and left several Cars mangled while causing serious injury to 4 of the Motorists.

According to an instagram source, a young Boy, who was washing Cars in the traffic, was among the People who were crushed by the Truck.

The accident provoked the Youths in the area, who reacted by resisting all attempts to free the Cows in the Truck, and setting the Truck on fire, with all the Cows in it.

The video of the incident showed the Lorry being burnt-out, and a Cow can be seen making attempts to escape from the Lorry while being burnt alive.

The Youths also resisted all efforts to put out the fire or move the Truck, which led to a gridlock forming in the area.

Even though it led to the loss of eight innocent lives, it was an accident which means it wasn’t deliberate. What are your thoughts on how the youths reacted?


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