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A Lady Will Go Home With Broken Neck After Showing Stunts While Dancing

A lady killed her self while dancing in a club(name hiden) in lagos, with her look she’s more of a striper than ordinary dancer, she has been dancing for more than 30minutes, people are all around her shouting and hailing her, truely she a good dancer but there is a saying that ” a driver that drives home safely is a professional driver while the one that got accident or got his/her vehicle spoiled is still a learner”.

Unfortunately for this lady, she change her dancing style ( probably to impress her viewers) , by putting her head on the floor with her leg straight up, which mean she’s dancing upside down.

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Suddenly, while trying to Make some beautiful moves, she fell down backwardly on her NECK and that’s all.

Though she as not been confirm dead, but with the swiftness of her move and occurrence of the accident,if she escape then her neck will be broken.

Please, I know you may love to dance to music with in different style may be “tesumole ‘or ” zanku ” but try to dance safely.

I want to use this opportunity to appease all readers of this story to please, please, please pray for her to live because her death will reduced the number of good dancers in our society.

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