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Date: Saturday, 19th October 2019
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Ladies Rescue Turtle At A Private Beach In Lagos, Sent It Back To The Sea

It’s not everytime that Nigerians are good to animals.
Some weeks back, a group of ladies rescued a sea turtle at a private beach, Inagbe Grand Resorts & Leisure, Lagos and sent it back into the sea.
An eyewitness, Ashola Ilie said:
“We rescue this sea turtle at @inagberesorts private beach in Lagos.

If it were in Bayelsa…”
“Thanks to those ladies in the video, they stood their ground the turtle must be returned to the sea and it was returned after some arguments.”
Some Nigerians have hailed the ladies for what they did.

Andy @andeeblayz: “For the first time this one won’t be eaten! ? Naija is changing?”
Obi Of Onitsha @classicNedu: “This one won’t trend because it wasn’t killed.

Nigerians are actually good people with good heart.”
D£$ @DmEbisin: “For Nigerians not to have eaten the turtle…I will give every one of them 10k each….if only we can identify them…Lol”

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Watch the video:


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