Ronaldo pens emotional letter to fans amid coronavirus pandemic – They said I will never walk again

Ronaldo Delima has compared the struggle of the Covid-19 crisis with the challenge of overcoming serious injuries during his playing career. The Brazilian legend, Ronaldo has penned a heartfelt message of solidarity to fans of Real Valladolid, the club he owns in La Liga.

The 43-year-old praised fans for keeping each other safe by staying at home, and compared the challenge of overcoming the coronavirus crisis to his own struggles overcoming serious injuries during his playing career.

In his website,Ronaldo wrote: “For weeks I have been thinking about how to contact you in these delicate moments of confinement and bad news.Finally, I have decided to send you this letter, and I hope you can feel the affection and consideration with which I have written it.

“From my house to yours. From my family to your family.”

“We are separated by physical distance, but I am convinced that we have never been so close. Empathy is what unites us now. The collective spirit, responsibility, humanity.

“We are inside our houses for ourselves, for those we love, for all whom we do not even know and for those who can no longer be with us. We help each other by enhancing this solidarity in multiple ways. Ronaldo advised that they should remain firm and resolute, as they will be light at the end of the tunnel.

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