Talented Young Boy Constructs A ‘Transformer’ In Abia State

A talented young boy has left Nigerians in awe on social media – According to reports, the boy constructed a transformer which people have been using to charge phones – The event reportedly took place in Aba, Abia state.

Nigeria might be described as many things to different people, but let it not be said that the country lacks talent. Talented and hardworking citizens are one thing Nigeria can boast of amidst the other ills plaguing the country. Even with limited resources and a society that can stifle anyone’s dreams, many Nigerians still find ways to break boundaries and do things that will leave others believing that truly, e go better.

The report of a talented young boy who has built what they referred to as a transformer that people use to charge their phones. This remarkable feat took place somewhere in Ngwa road, Aba, Abia state. Photos of the work were shared on a Facebook page called Happy Africans as they urged people to celebrate the talented chap.

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