Taxi Driver builds manual hand washing and Sanitizing system on his car where passengers can wash hands before entering

The fight against the deadly coronavirus goes beyond Health Experts. The public and workers now have device new strategies to keep themselves far from the virus.

The use of alcohol-based hand sanitizers and other protective materials is proving to be effective.

A new video trending on the internet has a taxi driver using innovative ways to fight the COVID-19.

Before you get aboard his car, you need to use the sanitizer placed at the side of his car boot.

That is the first thing to do before you even think of touching his door to get it open.

He has placed the sanitizer in a tight case and every passenger is obliged to get his or her hand sanitized before getting aboard.

His technique to many is the best that must be adopted by Ghanaians and drivers in general to battle the virus’s fast-spreading.

Watch The Video Below:

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