What is the meaning of SAPA and why Nigerians use it

What Is The Meaning Of Sapa And Why Nigerians Use It

What Is The Meaning Of Sapa And Why Nigerians Use It
Sapa is a stressful activity, it destroys the mental health of anyone who yields to it.

It is a dangerous ‘being’ that delights in being rude to the financial state of a man

Sapa enters the life of a man and refuses to leave

It has ‘strong head’ which makes man drive it out with a renewed mindset and valuable skills for earning money

Sapa is a b*st*rd, sapa no get father to caution it

It interrupts your life’s plan like ‘shey afise ni’.

Sapa reduces a man to ridicule and reproach.

Sapa exposes a man’s pocket, one rule every man must abide by is ‘Always arm your pocket with enough cash’.

Sapa is the acronym for ‘Spent All Penny Available’.

It is the biggest slang in Nigeria.

So when men thoroughly engage in ‘guilder ultimate search’ in their tiny pocket and see no treasure, they shout ‘Sapa nice one’

Or ‘Sapa bien merci’ which means ‘Sapa have mercy’.

Sapa is no respecter of anyone, sapa sucks the juice of the land and leaves the mouth of honourable comrades dry like the desert sand.

Sapa you no try.

Sapa acts irrationally, it shortens your ration like a true ally

Biggy: Who does that for goodness sake.

Sapa: I does that

Sapa dribbles a man and whines him that ‘be broke for a while and earn like a king later on’.

Sapa I dislike your nature. You make men cry with mouth wide opened.


  1. Lol this year that word reign
    Have asked alot of people the meaning,guess they don’t know
    Hitng thanks for the info??

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