“What Is This Bikonu?” -Igbokwe Reacts To The Video Of A Man Who Swam In Gutter After He Took Hard Drug

Special adviser to Lagos State government on water and drainages, Joe Igbokwe has reacted to the viral video of a youth from the South Eastern part of Nigeria who took a hard drug popularly known as mkpuru mmiri.

Mkpuru mmiri, or crystal ice is a chemical drug pharmaceutically known as methamphetamine and it is a drug of abuse among youths in the South East. The local vigilantes in the region frowns at the consumption of this drug as it fast consuming the youths and have since launched a massive campaign against it.

Methamphetamine is a strong central nervous system stimulating drug that is commonly used as a second line treatment for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, obesity and recreational purposeRead The Full Information Here

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