Who Is Frank Reich’s Wife Linda Reich?

Who Is Frank Reich’s Wife Linda Reich?

American football coach, Frank Reich is the head coach for the Indianapolis Colts of the National Football League (NLF), who is married to Linda Reich.

Who Is Frank Reich&Rsquo;S Wife Linda Reich?
Frank Reich and wife Linda Reich | Credit: Pinterest

Who Is Frank Reich’s Wife Linda Reich?

She is the first and only wife of Frank Reich.

Linda Reich age

How old is Linda Reich? She is 59 years old; born in March 1962.

Linda Reich profession

What is Linda Reich’s profession? According to her social media, she is a Personal trainer and Sports Therapist. And also a brand ambassador for the Lululemon Clothing brand.

How long has Linda Reich being married to Frank Reich?

She got married to Frank in 1986; therefore, they have been married for 35 years.

Linda Reich and Frank Reich marriage saga?

What is the controversy about Linda Reich and Frank Reich’s marriage saga? Before getting married to Frank, Linda had already dated Frank’s best friend.

Does Frank Reich have kids?

Yes, the two have three beautiful children together. Named Lia, Aviry and Hannah. Lia and Aviry are already married.

Linda Reich social media

What is Linda Reich’s social media handle? She is quite active on Instagram, and her handle is @lindareich_.

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