Who is Mummy G.O And Why Is She Trending?

Who Is Mummy G.o And Why Is She Trending?

Who is Mummy G.O And Why Is She Trending?

Who Is Mummy G.o And Why Is She Trending?

If you are an average Nigerian internet user, you must have seen a video or a meme of the trending mummy G.O. You are probably wondering, who is this mummy G.O and why is she trending?

Mummy G.O whose real name is Evangelist Funmilayo Adebayo is the pastor of a church called Mountain of Solution in Ogun state. She became an internet sensation after videos of her ridiculous preaching emerged online.

She once revealed that she was originally a man in ancient Egypt, but died in a war. She claimed that she was trained in the afterlife and was sent for ‘I.T’ (Industrial training) before she was sent to Nigeria where she was reborn as a woman.

She earned the name Mummy G.O from Nigerian Netizens after videos of her making controversial and hilarious prophecies and sermons about heaven and hellfire emerged online.

In other claims, she stated that before she gave her life to Christ, she was a drug peddler who sold illegal firearms to armed robbers. She also stated that she was connected to huge politicians such as Obasanjo and Babaginda.

“I wasn’t a fool before I met Christ. I was a cocaine pusher. I sold guns and rented ammunition to robbers. I was a hired killer. I had boys at my disposal. Whenever I want to give information to politicians, they pay me millions.

“Obasanjo knows me very well. We are close pals. Even Babangida knows me. The police had no guts to arrest me. Sijuade, the Ooni of Ife, it was when I met him that his business started booming.

“The kind of cocaine I smuggled, I used flying carpet, straight to Germany and America. I don’t use aeroplanes. The reason why I have this knowledge is due to my long journey in the kingdom of darkness, ” She Said

Why is Mummy G.O trending?

As earlier stated, Mummy G.O became an internet sensation after videos of her making boisterous sermons and prophecies concerning Heaven and hells found their way online.

Prior to that, a video of her rendering a song titled ‘Kpatakpata’ caught the attention of social media users. Back in 2019, she was criticised for saying that people who take Vitamin C and eat Titus fish will not make heaven. She also alleged that Nollywood actress Tonto Dikeh is not a human being and that American female musicians, Rihanna and Beyonce, are married to the devil.

The controversial ‘woman of God’ stated that all footballers would go to hell and men on skin cut are already on their way to hell. In addition, she claimed that people who use ATMs and MasterCard have successfully bought a free ticket to hell.

Mummy G.O also stated in one of her viral messages, she said that break dancing originated from the land of the dead and comedian are destined for hell

“Where did break dancing generate from? Michael Jackson. He got power from the dead land. What is the land of the dead? Skeleton. Skeleton is not for the living. If you breakdance, you’re telling God you’re dead,” she said.

“My dear, if you are here and your dream is to become a comedian, I want you to renounce Jesus before that. You must renounce Jesus and reject him. To become a comedian means you’re destined for hell.”

She also stated that those who take the vaccine, use mobile phones and hair attachments should never anticipate heaven.

A lot of Nigerian Netizens have dismissed her ridiculous claims and made jokes about her controversial statements and sermons. Others even use her pictures in making hilarious memes with inscriptions that mimick her typical statements about hell.