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Widow Disgraced In Public By In-Laws, Accused Of Sleeping With Man Leading To Her Husband’s Death

Some cultures hold the belief that if a married woman engages in an extramarital affair, her husband will be struck dead by the gods of their land

Blessing Abah got married to Akoh Abah on the 31st of October 2020. They received praises from friends and family over their special kind of “wedding cake”

Their wedding cake was not the typical wedding cake people were used to, it was a native food called Ikpakpa-Akpa familiar to the Igala people of Kogi State but it was molded to look like a cake. The ‘cake’ was influenced by Abah’s mother who was a well-known seller of Ikpakpa-akpa in her area

Barely 2 years into the union Abah has died and his family has waged war on Blessing. Abah’s family has accused Blessing of having an extramarital affair which led to her husband’s death

Despite the pain of losing her husband, Blessing now a widow has been subjected to public disgrace by her in-laws who reportedly threw her out of her matrimonial home in Ogugu Olamoboro Kogi State with promises of frustrating her life.

“I swear I know nothing about his death, believe me, oh my God” blessing could be seen pleading with tears in her eyes to persons believed to be her in-laws who kept on verbally abusing and accusing her In a VIDEO shared by Cutie_Julls

Okada men who surrounded her told her to stop denying the claims or risk provoking area boys to beat her up. One could see the pain that Blessing was going through

People who reacted to this video have questioned why the gods only take actions when a woman cheats

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