Woman Kills Her Two Children And Herself After She Caught Her Husband Making Out With Their Maid

Woman Kills Her Two Children And Herself After She Caught Her Husband Making Out With Their Maid

The commonly held notion that men will cheat on their wives in the presence of beautiful mistresses does deter many wives from exhibiting trust in their husbands. With regard to maids, there are some who find it easier to make accommodations for older customers by finding people who are like their parents, or grandparents.

This was exactly what happened to the woman who brought home the help to help with housework for her chores to find her husband cheating on her.

So the wife was desperate to die when she found out her husband was cheating on her and plan to marry another woman. She felt she had no other option but to kill herself, but for fear that the other woman would replace her as the mother of her children.

Brenda left behind her four young children while she poisoned them and killed herself at the age of 29. There were reports that her neighbours discovered her to have found their bodies close to an opened Bible, enabling officials to conclude that she had put the poison in it, thus ingesting her own children or them.

It is a sad fact that people resort to suicide by killing their own children rather than by giving them a chance to grow and develop. Many people’s lives have been cut short because of this act.

People who kill themselves because of depression probably believe they are incapable of dealing with their problems may try to be merciful to their mental anguish, rather than trying to work through them.

Rather, when you feel down and out of options, turn to professional help than taking your life, committing suicide will never solve the problem. Have a family who you can’t able to support is the same as killing them, for the lack of support.

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