Woman’s extreme cheek fillers make her look like a hamster

Woman'S Extreme Cheek Fillers Make Her Look Like A Hamster


A woman has shown off her extreme cheek fillers and it has left people shocked.


Anastasiia Pokreshchuk, 32, from Kiev, Ukraine, appeared on ITV’s This Morning show and revealed that she has spent over £1,600 by injecting her own cheeks with hyaluronic filler.


Despite admitting that it is dangerous, she described herself as a “beautiful monster”. She added that she “looked like a mouse” before the dramatic procedures.


She said: “I didn’t like my face. I didn’t like my cheeks and I wanted them higher.


“I don’t want to look like anyone else, I am who I am.”




This Morning host, Eamonn then asked: “Do you like looking like a hamster?”


Anastasiia said she did and said that she was a Psychology graduate who knows that her look is “extraordinary”.


“I describe myself as a beautiful monster,” she said.



Anastasiia before and after cheek fillers


Viewers were left stunned and took to Twitter to comment, with one tweeting: “This is so sad they must have such unreal body dysmorphia to keep opting for these treatments until their face doesn’t even look human anymore. This woman has gone way too far with the cheek fillers. When will the people that perform these procedures say NO? #ThisMorning.”


Another commented: “Anastasia looked far, far nicer before inserting golf balls into her cheeks… #ThisMorning.”


A third wrote: “Erm it’s a choice. Not my choice but I wonder if she finds her cheeks are in constant agony? It’s like she’s storing giant gobstoppers in her cheeks. I’m sorry but she does.”

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