“Work hard, there is no miracle wealth,” Museveni tells Christians

“Work Hard, There Is No Miracle Wealth,” Museveni Tells Christians

“Work hard, there is no miracle wealth,” Museveni tells Christians

President Museveni has challenged Christians to stop being sluggish and work hard if they want to attain wealth.

Museveni, who has been president for 36 years said that working working hard is the only way that the faithfuls can represent God better.

He made these remarks while attending a church crusade in Luweero, which was organised by his daughter Patience Rwabwogo.

“ I call upon all of you to work hard especially you Christians. Do not sit and pray for miracle wealth. Work so that you represent God better,” Museveni said.

“Let your light shine before men so that they see your good deeds and praise your father in heaven,” he added.

Museveni while speaking to the locals who had gathered for the crusade also dispelled allegations that his government had abandoned Luweero.

He asked that the people forget what had happened and start a new chapter of redemption in the area.

“It is not true that the government forgot the people of Greater Luweero. Let us start our relationship between the government and the people of Luweero afresh, Museveni said.

Museveni thanked his daughter for taking him back to the fulcrum of his rise to power. He said that back then, he came to Luweero to put land mines for “Obote people” but be was glad to “come in peace” this time around.

The Luweero Triangle was the centre of action in the 1980s as Museveni, who was a rebel leader then, battled against the then government forces.

Over the years, the people in Luweero have always expressed discontentment, saying that they feel the government has not done enough to support them and in 2021 voted overwhelmingly for NUP’s Robert Kyagulanyi.

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