‘World of Warcraft’ teases improved weather effects in next update

'World Of Warcraft' Teases Improved Weather Effects In Next Update

‘World of Warcraft’ teases improved weather effects in next update

Developer Blizzard has teased an overhaul of the weather effects in World of Warcraft, which are set to arrive in the MMO as part of a forthcoming update.

A post on the official Warcraft Twitter feed yesterday (October 25) opens with the surprisingly soothing sound of heavy rainfall, and a brief snippet of footage showing the weather effect in Stormwind, one of the game’s central locations.

While it may seem somewhat simple at a glance, the scene appears to be well chosen, with the cascading water of the fountain showing very different liquid physics than the raindrops, which are distinct from the rest of the environment. However, it doesn’t seem from the tiny look provided so far that rain has any impact on surfaces or materials – in short, nothing looks wet.

A later post showed a different weather effect, with gentle snowfall blowing in on Orgrimmar, the capital city of the Orcs and the wider Horde faction. The short video also offers the advice “bundle up”.

However, as with the rain not drenching anything, there’s also no sign in the footage shown so far of the snow settling. Blizzard also hasn’t shown any further weather patterns coming to World of Warcraft, so rain and snow may be it for the time being.

Blizzard says the new weather effects are arriving in the 9.1.5 update. The patch has been available in the PTR (Public Test Realm) since early September, and will be pushed out to all players November 2.

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