Would You Enter This Okada If You Found It In Your Area?

Would You Enter This Okada If You Found It In Your Area?

Would You Enter This Okada If You Found It In Your Area?

Two advantages of a motorcycle taxi, popularly called okada are: it is less expensive compared to charges by companies that offer vehicle for hire, and it makes for easy movement. With okada, one can manoeuvre traffic congestion and shorten road hours.

However, competition is rife in okada business like many other businesses. You can hardly find a junction where okada drivers take turns to load. If one was at a junction, one would find several okada drivers beckoning on one to patronise them. Such is the type of competition akin to okada business.

With such in mind, it becomes somewhat a survival of the fittest for every okada man. Hence, one has to do things differently to survive the saturated market.

To achieve this, okada drivers go to many lengths to try to attract customers to themselves. While it is commendable and advisable for okada men to be neat and always keep their motorcycles clean, many have made it the hallmark of their trade. Others however, pad the passenger seat, add music players, extra lights etc., but have you ever seen a motorcycle or okada with a television set?

Speaking of attracting customers, this okada driver went several steps further.

Let us take a critical look at this with the photo below.

Would You Enter This Okada If You Found It In Your Area?

From the photo above, one could say that customer comfort is the priority of the okada driver. If you followed the arrow pointing downwards, you would notice the extra item added to keep the customer comfortable and relaxed, but of what use is comfort when the safety of both driver and passenger are in doubt?

We understand that what the okada driver did comes from a place of genuine kindness, but he may get distracted by what is displaying on the television screen at any point, and that would spell disaster and cancel out whatever good he tried to achieve.

Therefore, bearing the risk involved in mind, our question is: if you had an emergency and this were the last okada in your area, would you enter it?

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