You are a trader, not a CEO-Nigerian business developer tells ladies selling gowns and wigs on Whatsapp

Nigerian business Developer, Omobaabirin Adedotun, is of the opinion that Nigerians abuse the word, Chief Executive Officer. According to her, ladies who sell wigs and clothes on Whatsapp group shouldn’t be referred to as Chief Executive but as Traders.

Her tweets read

”Let me say this again. CEO means Chief Executive Officer. For there to be a CHIEF amongst the Officers. It means there must be other Officers. If you are selling Gowns on WhatsApp. You are a Trader. That’s what you are.

If you are selling Wigs, shoes and the likes on WhatsApp. You are a Trader. That’s what you are. It doesnt take anything from your Enterprenuership Journey but common, we are abusing the word CEO.”


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