''You Are Lucky I Did Not Meet You In My House'' - Oristefemi's Wife, Nabila Fash Calls Out Lady Who Came To Sleep With Her Husband At Their Home


”You are lucky I did not meet you in my house” – Oristefemi’s wife, Nabila Fash calls out lady who came to sleep with her husband at their home

wife has called out a lady she refers to as an imbecile for coming to he r matrimonial home to sleep with her man [the singer].

Nabila says the lady is lucky she didn’t meet her at home because the case would have been different.

She also says it’s time she knows her worth and a second time sometimes is never worth it.

Recall Nabila recently just forgave her husband for cheating on her. 

And now she is hinting it’s over again. OH DEAR!

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