“Your boyfriend already knows who he wants to marry” – Actress Luchy Donalds tells ladies

“Your Boyfriend Already Knows Who He Wants To Marry” – Actress Luchy Donalds Tells Ladies

“Your Boyfriend Already Knows Who He Wants To Marry” – Actress Luchy Donalds Tells LadiesNollywood actress, Luchy Donalds has taken to social media to send a gentle reminder to all so-called wife materials.

According to Luchy Donalds, it does not matter the efforts a lady will put in just to impress her boyfriend in order for him to pick her as his would-be wife and marry because he already knows the woman he wants to settle down with, for the rest of his life.

She averred that staying in the kitchen and cooking all the foods in the world does not mean he is going to still choose you for marriage. Her assertion was heavily supported by Instagram users and most of them cited their instances where this commentary can be further elaborated to make the point clearer.

See some reactions below;

So all these pounded yam I Dey pound everyday nothing for me 😩


Also, if you like give am all the styles for bed, monkey style, wheelbarrow style, basket style, etc. He know who him go marry 😂😂😂 I come in peace o


So what’s your point ? Luchy Donalds . All these females celebrities , they always want to recruits girls to be stubborn like them . Abeg leave here jor


Me just dy cook because hungry dy catch me🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️weda him plan to marry e no really concern me


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  1. Funny enough she is right, most men already knows who they want to marry ,they will just be wasting your time

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